further lignite mining threatens south-east Germany

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New lignite mining ist planned to be started in Brandenburg, Saxony an Western Poland. But Renewed reliance on lignite would mean the destruction of more villages and landscape! Help us to protect Lusatia from lignite mining!

(yellow areas: allready mined in GDR times, brown: operating mines, red: threatening new mines)

threatening new mines

planning procedures underway:

  • expansion of Welzow mine
    (two villages, 810 inhabitants)
  • expansion of mine Nochten (state Saxony)
    (three villages, ca. 1500 inhabitants)
  • Jänschwalde-North
    (three villages, over 900 inhabitants)

Vattenfall announced to apply later for:

  • Bagenz-Ost
  • Spremberg-Ost

These five new mines would cause resettlement of between 3000 and 4000 people for nearly 1.2 billion tons of lignite.

and then?

A report on potential sites for further lignite mining commissioned by the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics suggested to prepare even more coal mines: Forst-Hauptfeld

  • Klettwitz-Nord
  • Jänschwalde-Süd
  • Neupetershain
  • Calau-Süd
  • Crinitz-Sonnewalde

There's another way!

Brandenburg does not need the present output of lignite mining for its energy supply. The State exports more than half the electricity it produces, often well beyond Vattenfall's supply area. The Commission of Inquiry of the Bundestag on "Sustainable Energy Supply" confirmed already in 2002 the basic feasibility of simultaneous coal and nuclear power phase-out. Further reports have shown that the phasing-out of lignite can be carried out gradually and responsibly over several decades. Lignite supply for the normal service life of the Brandenburg power plants Jänschwalde (up to 2020) and Schwarze Pumpe (up to 2040) can be secured without new mining fields and resettlements.

Dieser Wald ist der Kohlegrube im Weg

Dieser Wald ist der Kohlegrube im Weg


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